Our Ingredients

Secret Recipe and How We Did It

Our Beef Broth

Traditional slow-cooked beef bone broth includes beef tendon, beef bone, onions and various vegetables. No MSG or artificial soup concentrate. Every bowl of beef noodle soup is a delicious blend of nutritious ingredients producing a mouth-watering delicacy.

Our Selected Premium Beef

Ding Hao has gone through a rigorous process to select the very best beef. We use only Grade A Canadian beef shank/Digital Muscle. Beef shank is leg muscles with tendons evenly distributed. The cow’s most worked muscle is strong and fleshy. Ding Hao chooses the best part of beef shank called Digital Muscle. It is evenly marbled, soft and tender. It is also high in protein, and almost fat-free. The best balance of nutrition and delicacy.

Our Selected Premium Beef Tendon

We only use the best quality beef tendon on the market. Tendons are strong fibrous collagen tissue connecting muscles to bones for movement, completely composed of protein. Excellent source of collagen protein, tendon functions in delaying skin aging and it strengthens bones. After stewing, it is very tender, mimicking the taste of fat but surprisingly contains the LOWEST percentage of fat compared to other parts of the animal.

Our Secret Recipe Noodles

The vast country of China produces a wide variety of noodles. People may have different taste preferences, from chewy wide noodles to soft thin noodles.  We select high-quality patent flour for our secret recipe to match the delicacy of our beef soup. It will surely give you our unique Ding Hao flavour experience.