Our Commitment

Dedication to all our customers


Quality Guaranteed

Ding Hao has always been very particular about the selection of our ingredients. Many modern recipes use artificial soup extracts, MSG or chemical concentrates. However, Ding Hao has always adhered to high-cost natural ingredients and highlights flavours of the ingredients themselves with traditional cooking methods. Delicious taste and nutrition are both essential. We insist on superior food quality for every meal you choose.


Warm and Organized

Ding Hao’s atmosphere is warm, comfortable and hygienic. Even during rush hour, Ding Hao will not sacrifice our guest’s space and comfort for profit, so you can thoroughly enjoy your dining experience. Ding Hao maintains an excellent record with the annual Fraser Health Food Premises Inspection. We strive to maintain cleanliness in every area – from kitchen to dining room to bathroom. Your peace of mind is our top priority, requiring our best efforts to provide a comfortable, safe and efficient atmosphere.


Genuine and Caring

Ding Hao’s top priority is our guest’s needs. We strive to take care of every detail, giving you a satisfying dining experience. We welcome and serve you as a friend every time you come to Ding Hao. Your support and feedback are our motivation for improvement.

Fewer Additional Charge

Feel for You

Our goal is for sustainable development. That is why Ding Hao has served our guests with warm hearts for over a decade. Other restaurants may require extra charges, including minimum tips, or gratuities for large group gatherings such as birthday parties, but Ding Hao has never demanded these extras. We do not request minimum orders or charge guests for take-out containers and condiments. Ding Hao respects your rights and freedoms. Ding Hao honours our guests. Your positive feedback is our best encouragement.